No study of the bar could be complete without interviewing the coach who's insight made the bar be recognized for its multiple uses.

Being lucky enough to know Lou Simmons as I do has been a fruitful and informative relationship for me.

Lou introduced the bandbell bar to me 4-5 years ago in a trip to Westside Barbell. He showed the group how easy he handled about 150Ibs on the bar and challenged me to duplicate his lift... Well, I've should have known better as all things are not as it seems especially when Lou wants to make a point. I Proudly unracked the bar and nearly knocked my teeth out before landing on my lower waist like an out of control rocket. As soon as we all gained our composure as it was really funnier than SHIT. Lou explained how staying tight and using all your stabilizer muscles was just as important in the bandbell bar as it was in a Max bench press... I didn't need to be smacked on the head twice to realize the significance of the bar in a lifter/ athletes training... I immediately started thinking about how I could smuggle the bar onto the plane, but in today's world, I really didn't need to explain to airport security how this tube wasn't some sort of bazooka prototype. Doris assured me she'd send me one the next day as I was quite sure the bar would help all my lifters back home.


We'll enough history lets fast forward to its present uses at Westside Barbell. For upper body front press, press behind neck, Barbel curls, barbell rows, overhead squats, regular squats. 


I've experimented using the bar in the front press/incline press and the press behind the neck. The behind the neck press is rarely practiced as it once was due to the fear of shoulder problems, but I feel if properly practiced and done with lightweight it can still be a beneficial exercise. 


A 24-year-old 220LB Powerlifter preparing for the police games. his best bench at the time was 435 raw and 600 shirted. all to the bench presser, a loud pop. Upon immediate inspection, he fears to have torn something in his rotator area. Upon further inspection via orthopedic doctor, the doctor confirms the tear via an MRI......As all good powerlifters, the lifter followed his immediate advice and followed a regimen of anti-inflammatories and ultrasound. The next step was ultralight use of bamboo bar progressing to 20-30 reps as bearable as time progressed it helped to heal and after strict benching, with the bar in three months he was back to near 435 and back on track for the police games.